Scrappy String Corduroy Baby Quilt

Scrappy String Corduroy Baby Quilt
My Corduroy Baby Quilt

Sunday, September 4, 2016

Parker's Chevron Quilt

This is the layout for my son's quilt. He looked through my Pinterest "Quilt Inspiration" board and chose this quilt. He wanted the same blue background and solid fabrics used in the photo I had pinned. Sigh. I have collected fabrics for years and years....and have virtually no solids. What's a girl to do? Go fabric shopping! Most of the solids are Kona cottons. I moved right along with the cutting, but matching those points has been a chore.  If I followed Christa's instructions to the letter, I probably would not have this problem.   is the link to her post.

I am happy with this block and wish all my points matched as well as these do.

The photo below shows two blocks sewn together. Most of the points in that photo do not match well. I am not concerned about every point matching perfectly, but I do want the finished quilt to look nice.


Maybe quilting and then some shrinkage from washing/drying the quilt will help obscure imperfectly matched points? What do you think?