Scrappy String Corduroy Baby Quilt

Scrappy String Corduroy Baby Quilt
My Corduroy Baby Quilt

Saturday, August 6, 2016

My Second Post!

First, I want to say thank you to everyone who has taken the time to comment on my first post. Lots of words of encouragement and I appreciate every bit of it!  I have been wanting to post again, but have not been able to get another photo to load. I think I finally have one on this post, but I would like to show close up photos of  specific blocks/fabrics in the quilt. If anyone has any suggestions, please let me know. Looks like maybe I need to establish a Google photo library or something? I thought there would be a way to transfer photos on my iPhone or iPad to the blog post.

The quilt at the top of this second post is also made entirely of corduroy fabrics. The fabrics in this quilt are not the same ones used in the first corduroy quilt I showed you....with the exception of two tiny scraps from quilt #1 used as corner pieces in two blocks in quilt #2. I think it is amazing that there was such a variety of corduroy fabrics available in the 50s. I am sure many of the fabric pieces were given to Aunt Sallie and Aunt Annie by friends that worked for various textile mills....probably some end of bolt pieces. My mother always commented when pointing out a particularly odd-colored or patterned fabric in one of their quilts, "I am sure they didn't buy THAT fabric. Probably someone from the textile mill gave it to them." Oftentimes, those "odd" fabrics add a certain spark to the quilts, don't you think? Once I figure out how to put multiple photos in one post, I want to show close ups of the different corduroy fabrics. I wish we could still buy some of these. It really would be awesome to reproduce some of them again. Out of curiosity I weighed this quilt.... 9 lbs.

I am working on a quilt for my son who recently graduated from high school. Was hoping to have it finished in time for him to take it to college this fall, but not too sure I will meet that goal! Thankfully, our weather will be warm a little longer. Maybe it will be completed in time for cool weather. I had him look at my Pinterest board of Quilt Inspirations so I could get an idea of what he wanted. He specifically chose this quilt.  I hope that link works! It's the quilt she has on the magazine cover, with the navy background fabric. The only problem with this quilt's made entirely of SOLID color fabrics! I have a HUGE collection of fabrics and only a very few pieces of solids. Sigh. So it's been interesting working with just solid fabrics. I am still sewing the blocks together into rows. There are so many seams to match. I am not a perfectionist, thankfully, but I do want it to look nice! Thinking ahead and trying to figure out how I will quilt it. It will be done on one of my domestic (not longarm) machines. How would you quilt it?

Ok....I was trying to make this a clickable link, and here it is!.....just not up in the paragraph where I wanted it! I can't move it, but hopefully it works. Thanks for understanding!


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  1. Sally, I am so happy to hear there is someone else who uses corduroy in their quilts. I have one that I did and quilted it with random stitches and it came out great. It was a lighter weight.

    As to quilting your sons quilt, I just made a chevron quilt out of flannel and I quilted it allover using circles , of course it was for a baby. A bigger chevron I think I would do just as Christa did following the chevron. I do all my own quilting on my domestic also.
    Good luck, I love your "blogging". Can't wait until you get some of your quilt pictures on !