Scrappy String Corduroy Baby Quilt

Scrappy String Corduroy Baby Quilt
My Corduroy Baby Quilt

Wednesday, November 7, 2018

More from Market!

It is such fun to see so many Quilters, designers, bloggers, and teachers (so many people do all 4 things!) in real person at market. I spotted Kaffe Fassett surprising one of Kathy Doughty’s friends with a piece of fabric she apparently coveted. So sweet!

We saw a beautiful, vibrant quilt at one booth and were directed to the maker’s booth.....It was by Bill Kerr and Weeks Ringle! Their company, Modern Quilt Studio has gorgeous fabrics (check out their warp + weft yarn dye fabrics) which were showcased by these quilts. Their website offers much better photos of the fabric than what I have here.

Market ended Monday and the festival will start on Thursday.
I have more pictures from Market and will try to get those loaded before festival starts. I have had trouble posting these using my iPad. If anyone has any hints,let me know!

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